How to Enter the Diagnostics of a Dell Notebook

Dell notebooks are known to be quite reliable and often deliver high end performance. But, technical issues can arise any time and almost spontaneously. These issues may sometime be tough to tackle for some people, if they don’t have the exact know-how.

Contact_dell_support_numberAlthough the best way to resolve these issues is through logging into the Dell diagnostics screen. This feature helps in finding out the exact problem and also suggests a solution for the same. Just in case you are still not able to resolve the issue, you can Contact Dell Support Number for instant assistance! Read on to know the steps to be followed to enter the diagnostics window in Dell Notebook.

•    Firstly you would be required to reboot the computer. While the notebook reboots you need to be alert and hit the F12 key as soon as the Dell home screen appears.

•    The second step would be to find out the option of the Dell Diagnostics from the various available when the boot menu window pops up on hitting F12 key.

•    You can either run the Diagnostics feature or the ‘Utility Partition’, any of these two would help you to find out the problem with the notebook and also a solution to it.

Once you hit the Diagnostics key there is a high probability that boot test would take place. Just mark the answers of from the options and hit any random key for the diagnostics to run. It is a relatively easier process but just in case you still require any help, you can Contact Dell Support Number at 1-888-296-9079, wherein the experts are available round the clock for any technical assistance.