How to Print in Draft Mode in Windows

Altering the print quality to draft mode could help you save a lot on both time as well as ink. While printing in a faster mode, the amount of ink used is reduced. You would want to print in a lower quality if the quality doesn’t have to be high. If you require any kind of Dell Printer Tech Support you can get it from the experts.


How to Print Using Draft Mode in Windows

Setting up the Dell printer in draft or fast mode is relative easier but may be drastically different for any other kind of the printer. Follow the following steps to change mode preference:

Control Panel. Right click on the Start menu to get to the control panel in Windows 10/8 or even through the Start button in older versions of Windows.

Select the option of ‘View devices and printers’ which would be in the Hardware and Sound section. Depending on your version of Windows, you would have to search for ‘Printers and Other Hardware’. When you find it, click on it and then select the ‘View installed printers or fax printers’ option.

Then when the next screen pops up right click on the name of printer you want to set in draft mode, and then select printing preferences.

This is where your results may vary from what’s written in the follow steps. Depending on the printer software you have installed, you might see a very basic screen with a Print Quality tab or you might see lots of buttons and confusing options. The printer will now print in draft or gray scale for as long as you keep the setting intact. To change it, simply follow the same procedure.

If you have any problem in following this process, you can get in touch with Dell Printer Technical Support at 1-888-296-9079 anytime.


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