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How to Update Dell Printer Driver

Outdated or corrupt drivers can cause your PC to become unstable and crash. Updated drivers can contain bug fixes, stability improvements, and even new features and capabilities. When it comes to your printer, you need to update drivers primarily if you’re running a new version of an operating system or if you experience printing problems. You can get help for this from Dell Printer Tech Support anytime you want!


Step by Step: Discovering an Outdated Printer Driver

Step 1 Open the Windows ‘Devices and Printers’ panel by clicking the Start button, typing devices and printers in the search box, and pressing Enter. A list of all available printers on the system will appear.

Step 2 If your printer has a yellow exclamation-point icon on it, or if it does not appear at all, downloading new drivers is necessary. Of course, you can also download new drivers even if Windows reports that nothing is wrong with the printer, because the update may fix bugs you have not yet encountered.

Step by Step: Updating an Outdated Printer Driver

Step 1 To update the printer drivers, first confirm the model of your printer. You can usually find the name or number on the printer itself or in the ‘Devices and Printers’ panel that you opened earlier.

Step 2 Go to your printer manufacturer’s Website; in our example, we’re going to HP.com. Click Support & Drivers, select the Download drivers and software (and firmware) button, and type the name and number of your printer into the search bar. Click the Go button

Step 3 In the next section, select your operating system version to get the latest correct driver. Once you have chosen the operating system, click to download the driver under the ‘Driver’ heading

Step 4 After you have downloaded the driver, run the installer to complete the setup. A reboot may be required in some cases, but afterward your printer will have the latest driver version that its manufacturer offers.

You can follow the above steps and update your printer driver. If you cannot do it on your own you can also contact the Dell Printer Tech Support at 1-888-296-9079, anytime.

How to Enter the Diagnostics of a Dell Notebook

Dell notebooks are known to be quite reliable and often deliver high end performance. But, technical issues can arise any time and almost spontaneously. These issues may sometime be tough to tackle for some people, if they don’t have the exact know-how.

Contact_dell_support_numberAlthough the best way to resolve these issues is through logging into the Dell diagnostics screen. This feature helps in finding out the exact problem and also suggests a solution for the same. Just in case you are still not able to resolve the issue, you can Contact Dell Support Number for instant assistance! Read on to know the steps to be followed to enter the diagnostics window in Dell Notebook.

•    Firstly you would be required to reboot the computer. While the notebook reboots you need to be alert and hit the F12 key as soon as the Dell home screen appears.

•    The second step would be to find out the option of the Dell Diagnostics from the various available when the boot menu window pops up on hitting F12 key.

•    You can either run the Diagnostics feature or the ‘Utility Partition’, any of these two would help you to find out the problem with the notebook and also a solution to it.

Once you hit the Diagnostics key there is a high probability that boot test would take place. Just mark the answers of from the options and hit any random key for the diagnostics to run. It is a relatively easier process but just in case you still require any help, you can Contact Dell Support Number at 1-888-296-9079, wherein the experts are available round the clock for any technical assistance.

Resolving Paper Jam Issues in Dell Printers

Dell offers a range of wireless, inkjet and laser printers. Any of these printers could experience the issues of paper jam, which can be quite frustrating at times. One of the most effective ways to curb paper jams is to ensure that the paper is stocked in a dry as well as cool place. You can get in touch with the Dell Printer Customer Support team to get instant help!


In order to resolve the issue, you can follow the below mentioned steps:-

  1. Switch Off Printer:-

Switch off the printer and unplug the device from the electricity source.

  1. Open and Check the Paper Path:-

Open the cover and take out all the paper by removing the print head in a slanting position. The paper path is then checked for a paper jam or even for a paper miss-feed. Subsequently, you can take reference from the paper path diagrams in the inside cover for crucial areas. Consecutively, refer to the printer manuals by downloading as well as viewing them.

  1. Get Rid of Jammed Papers:-

Grab the jammed paper and pull them out gently. The crumpled and jammed papers are removed carefully. For various narrow areas, use tweezers.

  1. Improper angling of the paper:-

If the angle of the paper stock is wrong then, feeding of the paper would also be wrong. Thus, the solution would be to take out the entire stock of the paper and then re-insert it into the printer while you refer to the guide properly.

  1. Shut the printer cover:-

The cover of the printer is closed and then it is re-plugged to the A/C outlet.

You can yourself resolve the paper jam issue in Dell printers or even call on 1-888-296-9079 for assistance from the experts. Dell Printer Support is easily available for the customers anytime they want.

How to Resolve Dell Scanner Issues

Dell scanners are designed to deliver high end performance, while they have quite a number of useful features. These scanners often have a USB port for easy connectivity with the computer. However there may be times when these scanners may not work as expected due to certain technical issues like poor scan quality, connectivity issues and henceforth.


This is the time when you require troubleshooting for your scanner. If you don’t have the exact know-how of how is it to be done, you can get help by calling on the Dell Scanner Support Phone Number. Read on to know how you could resolve some of the common issues that arise with Dell scanners.

Dell Scanner Not Responding: –

If this issue arises again and again, basically you need to go to the settings option to bring back original settings. Just restore the settings or your system to an initial update point.

Low Quality Scanning Glitches: –

This issue can come up at the time of scanning, thus to resolve it clean the glass of the scanner thoroughly.  Also, with the help of printing software, you could adjust the setting properly.

Scanning Problems over Computer Network:-

To resolve this problem make sure that the computer is connected to same network. You would need to check carefully that the Dell scanner driver is installed correctly on the server computer.

Very Slow Scanning Process: –

If the documents are taking too long to scan you need to check the USB connection. If the cable is broken or damaged then you would have to replace it immediately. Furthermore, you must close other software while you restart the computer instantly.

If you are not able to troubleshoot the issues on your own or you require any other technical assistance regarding your Dell scanner, get in touch with the experts at the Dell Scanner Support Number, which is 1-888-296-9079.

How to Print in Draft Mode in Windows

Altering the print quality to draft mode could help you save a lot on both time as well as ink. While printing in a faster mode, the amount of ink used is reduced. You would want to print in a lower quality if the quality doesn’t have to be high. If you require any kind of Dell Printer Tech Support you can get it from the experts.


How to Print Using Draft Mode in Windows

Setting up the Dell printer in draft or fast mode is relative easier but may be drastically different for any other kind of the printer. Follow the following steps to change mode preference:

Control Panel. Right click on the Start menu to get to the control panel in Windows 10/8 or even through the Start button in older versions of Windows.

Select the option of ‘View devices and printers’ which would be in the Hardware and Sound section. Depending on your version of Windows, you would have to search for ‘Printers and Other Hardware’. When you find it, click on it and then select the ‘View installed printers or fax printers’ option.

Then when the next screen pops up right click on the name of printer you want to set in draft mode, and then select printing preferences.

This is where your results may vary from what’s written in the follow steps. Depending on the printer software you have installed, you might see a very basic screen with a Print Quality tab or you might see lots of buttons and confusing options. The printer will now print in draft or gray scale for as long as you keep the setting intact. To change it, simply follow the same procedure.

If you have any problem in following this process, you can get in touch with Dell Printer Technical Support at 1-888-296-9079 anytime.

Get Exclusive Tech support for Dell Scanner

Dell scanners are developed by most admirable featuring technologies a most user-friendly scanning device for wide range of industries, business and individual households. It is featured with many interesting features like automatic feeding speed, scanning speed and many more, which makes it a most preferred scanning device across the globe.


Tech Support for Dell Scanners :-

Dell scanners are similar to printers and other imaging machines which work with the help of computers and other devices to scan various size and format of documents. But due to wrong configurations and mishandling unexpected and unwanted technical errors appears and create other technical issues. To resolve such issues Dell Tech support service is available 24/7 with reliable resolutions and fixes. Dell offers Dell Scanner support phone number for quick support and immediate help. By dialing such toll-free (+1-888-296-9079) number you will experience an appropriate tech support service, where service providers and representatives are always ready to cater their customers. The skilled technicians support with enhance technologies and fast result, so that the customer overcome the problem instantly.

Online Tech Support service for Dell scanners for the followings instances-

  • Dell Scanner Driver installation support
  • Image quality and printing issue
  • Connectivity problem with Dell printer
  • Networking of computer with Dell Scanner
  • Queries and functionality of Dell Scanner
  • Drive repair and setup support service
  • Scanning related issue with Dell

Technical Support Phone Number for Dell Scanner-

Finding the right help is not difficult now, as support for scanner is available at Dell Scanner support phone number. The support number is available 24/7 and call attended by the technicians to provide instant help to troubleshoot the errors. The technicians help through remote access that will resolve your problem without stepping out.

View Source:- https://medium.com/@stuarthenry1308/dell-scanner-support-45684bf1bff6

How to fix common issues with Dell printer?

Dell has established its name over the year and is one of the leading brands in all parts of the world. Dell products are appreciated for their advanced technologies and performance.  It has further established its name for printers. When we talk about the reliable printer brand, Dell always strikes our mind. But you might have some technical problems or we can call technical errors which let you to the troubles and technical obstacles while working with Dell printers.

Dell S2825CDN Printer

Facing issue with technical products is not a big deal, it’s very common, but only if you have reliable and trustful help-desk. Dell offers Dell Printer Tech Support number +1-888-296-9079 for users of Dell printers where technical service providers works continuously to cater their customers.

Why you pick Dell printer tech support?

If you are hiring any technical service then queries in your mind is must about the technical service. Dell printer tech support provides service for the following—

  • Setting up new printer
  • Installation problem
  • Dell printer spoiler issue
  • Cartridges issue
  • Paper jam problem
  • Numeric error code issue
  • Print heads issue
  • Support for all technical problem with Dell printer

All the possibility behind the occurrence of all issues described above is excessive use of printer, carelessness and outdated drivers as well. To fix such technical problems with Dell printer, all you have to do is — dial a toll-free phone number – (1-888-296-9079), which would connect you the Dell Technical Support. You can also connect to the Dell Tech Support service via online chat or Email. There are no extra formalities to hire the service. The tech service providers provide quick and appropriate service which is managed by the technical expertise.